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Games To Play If You're A Doctor Who Fan
By Doctor Who Online

The Doctor Will See You Now

For those who don’t know, Dr Who is one of the most famous and longest-running sci-fi shows of all time. It began back in 1963, and since then, a total of thirteen actors have taken on the role of The Dr, a Time Lord travelling through time and space in the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) in the body of a human. The character has been kept alive for such a long time by transitioning between Doctors and actors; this transition is explained as the need for the alien Time Lord to regenerate themselves after a fatal injury.

The Whovians (the Dr WHo fandom) who are fans of this series don’t just like it; they LOVE it. Like any good fandom, there’s fan fiction, larping, and many Dr Who games to play. From comic builders to Nintendo DS and hopefully one day even AI gaming, there’s something for everyone. We’ve saved you the trouble of doing the research yourself; check out our list of the top four Dr Who games to play, and you won’t have a moment’s boredom this holiday season.

The Edge of Reality
Console, Switch, and PC.

If you’ve always wanted to adventure across space and time, now is your chance! The Edge of Reality was developed with both PC and console players in mind, so the gameplay is seamless. Prepare for the onslaught of a barrage of new worlds, mind-bending puzzles, and top-quality in-game graphics. The Edge of Reality keeps hardcore fans happy by following the original Dr Who storyline. You’re on a mission to uncover a threat significant enough to concern the whole universe, and it’s up to you to save reality as we know it from time-breaking glitches that seek to rip it apart. The story of this game began in The Edge of Time, and it picks up in The Edge of Reality, right where it left off, so this will be satisfying for players who played the earlier game. You’ll come face to face with monsters and villains in the classic Dr Who tradition; the Weeping Angels, the Daleks, the metal-clad Cybermen and many more foes who lurk in the shadows.

The Lonely Assassins
iOS, Android, and Switch.

The Lonely Assassins comes to you from Kaigan Games, well known for pushing boundaries with their storytelling techniques and fondness for mobile games. In this still fairly new game, fans and players will be reeled into the mystery of a “found phone.” You’ll be pulled deep into the sinister events that unfold at Wester Drumlins. Fans of the show will remember this locale from the much-loved Dr Who episode “Blink.” Someone has gone missing, and it’s up to you, along with Petronella Osgood and a few other well-known characters, to find out what’s going on and where they are. The only things you need to remember are; never turn your back, never look away and never blink!

Comic Creator
App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store.

The Thirteenth Doctor caused a lot of controversy when he turned out to be a she. Hopefully, most of the fans have come round by now because it would be a shame for them to miss out on creating their own Thirteenth Doctor comic strip! If you’ve ever wanted to write your own episode or Dr WHo, now is the time. This exciting content creation pack is completely free. Many beloved characters are included, such as the master and his Cyber masters. You can design your own brand new monster species, set up an epic battle on a space station, or take out an evil plot. It’s all up to you with the Comic Creator.

Worlds Apart

As of October this year, fans have one more exciting Dr Who game to play; Worlds Apart. Reality Game Group brought this digital trading card game to life for PC gamers in a spectacular fashion. Don’t worry, mobile gamers, a version is coming for you too! In this game, fans are able to collect and trade digital cards featuring their favourite character. The game will take you on an adventure in which you’ll battle your friends in turn-based rounds. There are many cards to be collected and traded, and they’re truly unique—an exciting and waste-free way to be part of the Dr Who fandom.

Wrap Up
There’s a lot on offer for fans of the Doctor. This is only a shortlist but there are many Dr Who games out there to discover! So what are you waiting for? Get going!

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