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3 Of Our All Time Favourite Dr Who Games
By Doctor Who Online

The cultural phenomenon that is Doctor Who is undeniable; following so much success on the small screen, audiobooks, and other entertainment media, it made sense that Doctor Who would take on the video game world.

It makes perfect sense to create a video game based on Doctor Who, doesn't it? Since the show's start, several Doctor Who games have been made, some of which have been more successful than others. In addition to fun and forgettable adventures for the Time Lord, he's had several digital adventures. The Sonic screwdriver Wii Remote is an example of an officially licensed crossover product! Check out these three Doctor Who video games that have influenced you over the years. Or maybe get some inspiration for other games you might enjoy.

Dr Who Legacy

Compared to the "proper" Doctor Who game, this game more resembles Top Trumps: Doctor Who. But most importantly, enjoy yourself! Tiny Rebel Games' match-three game was released in 2013, and it is still popular today. Furthermore, it is free, though some in-game transactions are available if you need them.

Despite the lack of direct links to Doctor Who, the game still features many Doctor Who characters. In the story, you will take on some of the series' biggest villains while expanding your team of classic characters. Your party members can be attacked and healed by groups of three or more matching orbs. It's all about who can stay alive the longest! You'll learn it fast, it's fun, and it's easy. Anyone can enjoy this game, but Doctor Who fans will especially enjoy it. Die-hard Whovian fans will love all the extra characters and alternate costumes!

New seasons of the show are updated regularly throughout the game, along with the original narrative. You can also purchase comics and audiobooks from Titan Comics, Big Finish, and George Mann, the author of Machines of War. We are very impressed with this tribute and highly recommend it.

LEGO Dimensions

Now here's a surprise that nobody saw coming! It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Doctor Who was part of TT Games' LEGO Dimensions, a massive, cross-platform game with iconic franchises.

There is a lot of Dr Who-love in this game. There is a giant Doctor Who Adventure World and two levels filled with Easter references and Easter eggs. Zygons and Sontarans both exist, as well as Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels! As you can choose any of the twelve incarnations of the Doctor, playing as your favourite is undoubtedly a pleasure in this game. Even better, when you add back to back Back to the Future and The Lord of the Rings, you get the ultimate Doctor Who experience.

However, what makes it so good is its gameplay. Bringing together LEGO and Doctor Who in one game is a brilliant idea. Aside from its mind-blowing puzzles and extraordinary writing, this game is a pure delight from beginning to end.

Dr Who: The Eternity Clock

One more Doctor Who series, one more Doctor Who video game! This video game takes place during Series 6 and was released on the PlayStation and PC in 2012. The Eleventh Doctor and River Song team up to save the world by obtaining pieces of the Eternity Clock. The heroes will face numerous challenges, such as Daleks, Cybermen, and Silurians.

The gameplay involves River escaping prison, but there is also an element of stealth. You'll find plenty of goodies throughout the game, in addition to its puzzles; unlike River, Dr Who can look for hidden hats by piecing together chapters from his diary. The voices are once again provided by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston, enhancing the game's authenticity. In terms of Doctor Who standards, the episode was not particularly original or flawless, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

Several new Doctor Who games were also planned to be released alongside The Eternity Clock, but they have since been cancelled. Unfortunately, more potential could certainly have been realised.

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Page Updated: 3/3/2022

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